Sustane Technologies Named Innovator of the Year by Divert Nova Scotia

Halifax, NS – November 7, 2022 /Private Capital Newswire / – Sustane Technologies is proud to be honoured as 2022’s Innovator of the Year Mobius Award Environmental Excellence winner by Divert Nova Scotia. The company has developed technology that transforms curbside garbage (municipal-solid-waste, or MSW) into high value fuels, and biomass pellets — converting up to 90% of the MSW waste into valuable commercial products.

The Innovator of the Year Mobius Award is awarded by Divert Nova Scotia, the not-for-profit corporation championing recycling in Nova Scotia, to an individual or organization that has developed and/or implemented a product or service from material that otherwise would go to landfill, or has developed a more efficient approach for an existing process to reduce waste, recycle and/or divert waste.

Sustane has deployed in Nova Scotia a first-of-kind technology to convert end of life plastics, devised a means to separate the rejected plastics into those that can be used in existing recycling streams (e.g. PET) and those that have no existing market (LD polyethylene), and closed the circle by attracting large scale international petro-chemical manufacturers who will use the Sustane product to produce more “new” plastics.

Sustane CEO, Peter Vinall, comments, “This recognition is timely and meaningful as we continue to scale our operations and build a healthy pipeline of projects across Canada, the United States and internationally. We are incredibly proud to bring this solution to market and help grow the circular economy by maximizing value and reducing waste.”

Divert Nova Scotia CEO, Jeff McCallum, “Sustane is a great example of what our province, needs to solve the challenges of what we divert from landfills and ultimately, our planet. This technology is an example of the innovation that will create impact for municipalities that need a solution – not in the future, but right now.”

In Canada alone, we recycle just nine per cent of our plastics with the rest dumped in landfill and incinerators or tossed away as litter. Sustane can divert what was previously destined for the landfill. For every tonne of waste that Sustane processes, it reduces CO2 emissions by two to three tonnes. In a year, for a typical plant, this translates to reducing 175,000 tonnes of GHG emissions which is equivalent to taking 45,000 cars off the road.

Their first commercial plant is being commissioned and is in the final stage of commercialization. Sustane finances and operates its plant in exchange for a secure municipal-solid-waste supply at cost competitive share of the landfill’s gate or tipping fee. This breakthrough approach has a lower capital footprint, delivering higher value product streams that can be sold at higher margins. Best of all, the process is scalable, significantly impacts GHG/leachate emissions, all on a global scale.

Interest in Sustane’s technology and GHG reduction potential continues to build in intensity, both domestically and internationally, with upcoming partnerships to be announced.

About Sustane Technologies
Sustane Technologies Inc. is a Canadian-based cleantech innovator, focused on municipal-solid-waste diversion and repurposing. Sustane’s technology can recover and reuse up to 90% of curbside garbage that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. Their state-of-the-art plant is located in Chester, Nova Scotia. For more information visit their website.


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Tara Wickwire
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